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Next generation of mobile apps

Building an engaging, high-quality mobile app used to take months of work and a massive budget. Not anymore.

We make high-quality apps in weeks, rather than months. No coding needed.

Apps to captivate your audience

Serve your audience with an easy access to content, interactive features, and buying your products.

  • list-arrow1 Use versatile fan engagement tools
  • list-arrow2 Monetize users within the app
  • list-arrow3 Work smart with automations and integrations

App builder provides flexibility

Manage your app with a no code app builder – like a Wordpress for apps. Update and renew your app, see the result in real time.

  • list-arrow1 Go live faster
  • list-arrow2 Get lower app costs
  • list-arrow3 Update your app easily and quickly

Success stories of our no code app builder

Choicely is used by businesses across 40+ countries to engage with their audiences and grow their revenue.

Our strongest verticals include sports, media and entertainment businesses.

Miss Universe: Global beauty pageant app
 with 3+ million downloads

When Miss Universe launched its global Miss Universe app with Choicely, it was an immediate hit.

  • list-arrow1 Over 3 million app downloads
  • list-arrow2 Largest fan vote in pageant history
  • list-arrow3 Votes from over 200 countries
beauty-pageant-app-5-grey (1)

International Judo Federation: a blueprint
 for a modern sports app

A highly automated app built around IJF’s existing technologies. This app engages its users around the year but especially during tournaments.

  • list-arrow1 Enhances the live tournaments
  • list-arrow2 Used up to 32 minutes during events
  • list-arrow3 App updates constantly with low effort

Estimate my monthly fee

Note: this is an indicative price that's based on self-service model. Tailored apps are priced based on your needs.

Up To 500 users

499 € / month

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to build an app?

Our prices start from 499 €/month. A one time setup cost is added if you wish for the Choicely team to build the app for you. At this cost, you’ll get to do an unlimited amount of changes to your app, whenever you want. Our price varies depending on the amount of monthly active users. Check out our pricing page for more details.

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