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Use Choicely Studio CMS to manage your app and content



Choicely Studio CMS

Native app content management system

Native iOS

Create and manage native iOS apps in real time

Native Android

Create and manage native Android apps in real time


Create and manage Web apps in real time


App Builder

Use our easy visual drag & drop builder to create your app




App Structure

Create the structure & hierarchy of your app to match your business and UX

Bottom Menu

Manage the layout and navigation of your bottom menu items in real time

Side Menu

Manage the layout and navigation of your side menu items in real time

Top Bar

Manage the layout and navigation of your top bar items in real time


Use screens as sections of your app with freedom of UX


Enable registration in your app with email, sms & social logins

Registration Integration

Connect your app userbase with a 3rd party userbase

Profile Page

Customize your app profile features

Opening Screen

Manage the opening “splash” screen of your app

In-App Purchases

Create custom iOS & Android in-app purchase packages


Make revenue with monthly subscriptions by placing content behind a paywall

Multiple Apps

Build multiple app experiences in one parent app

Welcome Screens

Manage the welcome screens of your app

3rd Party Integrations

Connect 3rd party features using SDK, web view, API or develop your own

Publishing tools

Create content in Choicely Studio and publish updates in real time.



Article Builder

Create content with modular blocks with any layout

Content & Thumbnail

Manage layouts on content feeds and full screen article views separately

Text Blocks

Manage layouts: content, font, size, backgroud, margin, padding, gravity, etc

Image Blocks

Manage layouts: size, corner radius, margin, padding, gravity, crop, etc

Video Blocks

Play videos using 3rd party video platforms, such as Youtube, Vimeo, etc


Create buttons with custom UI and set navigation to any section of app or web view

Follow Buttons

Connect follow/subscribe buttons with feeds to personalize UX & push messages

Vertical Stack

Create vertical stacks by grouping content blocks

Horizonal Stack

Create horizonal stacks by grouping content blocks

Sliding Stack

Create sliding stacks by grouping content blocks, configure layout & speed

Social Blocks

Embed content from social medias: Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, etc

Web Views

Embed web services as full screen views as sections of your app: shop, stats, etc

Article Templates

Save article templates to enable easy & fast content creation

Feed Builder

Create content feeds with custom UX, headers, footers, colors, etc

Followable Feeds

Set followable feeds to enable personalised content, push messages & more

Card Elevation

Customize your feed UX by defining card elevation and shadows

Divider Height

Customize your feed UX by defining the space between content blocks


Set any button or content block to navigate anywhere in your app when clicked

Web Views

Embed web services as full screen views as part of your app

Send push messages

Boost app engagement by delivering information through push messages



Push Notifications

Send or schedule push messages easily

General Push Messages

Send general push messages to all app users

Group Push Messages

Send push messages to subscriber groups

Targeted Push Messages

Send push messages to specific users

Server Integration

Trigger notifications from your server

Target Specific Content

Connect push messages to open specific content or section of the app

Revenue tools

Make your app a revenue center.



Traffic Management

Make your app a revenue center

In App Purchases

Monetize your content any way you prefer!


Charge one time to unlock content

Premium Subscriptions

Create tiered monthly subscription plans to unlock a premium section of your app


Choose what content you want available for free and what is behind a paywall


We have integrated Stripe to enable global credit card payments in web


We have integrated Fortumo to enable carrier payments in 80+ countries


Integrate shops as web views or SDK’s without limitations


Extensive in app advertising & app sponsorship features

Lead Capture

Use powerful in app lead capture tools

Engagement tools

Get more downloads and sales with market leading user activation tools



Interactive Toolkit

Use advanced activation tools to suit your activations and campaigns


Market leading app + web voting tool with advanced UI & customization

Rating (simple)

5-Star rating tool with advanced UI & customization

Rating (advanced)

Rating tool that enables users to rate content by multiple qualities


A fun 1 vs 1 contest type for simple and fun activations


Users swipe left or right to express yes / no. Works for fun stuff


Create polls to gather user feedback

Reaction Buttons

Add customizable reaction buttons to articles or feeds for easy engagement

Survey Builder

Create surveys with an advanced survey builder. Extensive features available


Use surveys for casting in app + web and easily browse entries on a dashboard

Lead Capture

Use surveys for highly converting lead capture campaigns. Stand alone or after votes

Survey Dashboard

Easily browse and manage survey answers in survey dashboard with folders and tags

Survey answer export

Export all or segments of entries in CSV format to connect with other platforms

Free Votes

Customize the number of free votes per contestant / contest to suit your needs

Premium Votes

Use market leading customizable premium vote packages in app + web

Renewable Votes

Give users a new free vote every X time (every 24h, 1h, 10min, etc)

Survey entry to Vote

Create voting profiles from a customised survey

Contestant Profiles

Create advanced UX with rich contestant profiles with images, videos, bios

Contest Timeline

Automated contest timelines make your life easy: coming soon, live + timer, results


Set contest login on / off according to your needs

Import Contestants

Create contests faster by importing contestant data as CSV files

Results Visibility

Manage results visibility according to your need: public, hidden, after vote / contest

Limited Results

Limit public results to TOP3 or any number of TOP results you prefer

Results Dashboard

Stay updated by following live results on contest dashboards

Contest management

Easily manage any number of contests in contest listing with tags, folders, etc

TV Integration

Show live results on TV screen - API for broadcast graphic systems

Custom features

Build or integrate custom features on top of the extensive in-built no-code modules.



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