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Publishing your app includes these phases:


✅ Create required accounts

  • Accounts: Google Play, Apple App Store, Google Firebase
  • You can do this phase yourself
  • Or have Choicely do it for you for 995€

✅ Publishing materials for the app stores

  • Create images and text in the required format for the app stores
  • You can do this phase yourself
  • Or have Choicely do it for you for 995€
  • The service includes materials done for you and a short workshop call to understand the needs of your app

✅ Publish your app in the stores

  • This service is free, included in your paid plan
  • We'll handle the publishing of your app
  • Requires previous phases to be done correctly


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Meeting agenda

➡️ Introductions of Your Company & Choicely

➡️ Discuss the current status & goals of your app

➡️ Decide on the app publishing plan, and who does what and when


Please let us know if you need to cancel or postpone.

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