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Engage with your attendees with a dedicated event app. Launch it in weeks with our Event app builder.

Streamline ticket sales and foster interactions.


Manage your app with ease with our Event app builder

Launch your event app in weeks rather than months with Choicely’s no code app builder.

Manage the app content easily with drag-and-drop features. Keep attendees updated with the latest developments of your event.


Use your app to inform and engage in real time

Keep attendees posted by sending timely push messages. Engage your audience with activations like voting, surveys, ratings and more.

Share information on performers, stages and the event program on the app. Feature the best bits of your social media content.


Event apps built with Choicely


Build your event app with Choicely

Try Choicely for free, and create your event app using our templates. Pay only when you're all set to publish your app!

Streamline your ticket sales

Streamline your registrations with Choicely's event app builder. Sell tickets to your upcoming events, and sell products within the app. Give special promotions for those who downloaded the app.


Set up a platform for meetings

Help attendees make the most out of your event and set up a platfom for meeting scheduling. Use our partner Deal Room or integrate your app with other partners of your choice.


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