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Features of our app builder

Manage your mobile apps with our no code platform. Make changes easily and see them live instantly when you hit publish. Scale effortlessly from a few dozens to millions of users.

  • Easy to use app builder

    Build and edit your apps with a drag and drop app management tool.

  • Send push messages

    Activate your users by sending both general and targeted push notifications.

  • Revenue tools

    Make your app a revenue center.

  • Voting and fan engagement tools

    Activate your users with advanced activation tools.

  • Custom features

    Build any custom features on top of the extensive in-built no-code modules.

  • Complement your existing app with no code features

    Do you have an existing mobile app with set features? You can boost your app by using Choicely SDK (software development kit). With it you can add Choicely platform features into your existing mobile app.

  • Integrations

    Grow your app functionalities with integrations. You can use web-views, SDK’s and API’s to add any custom functionalities in your app.

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Success stories of our App Builder

Choicely is used by leaders in media, sports and entertainment - and businesses across 40+ countries.

Miss Universe: Global beauty pageant app
with 3+ million downloads

When Miss Universe launched its global Miss Universe app with Choicely, it was an immediate hit.


International Judo Federation: a blueprint
 for a modern sports app

A highly automated app built around IJF’s existing technologies. This app engages its users around the year but especially during tournaments.


How Choicely App Builder works

Learn more about creating native mobile apps with our app builder.

Native app development for iOS and Android

What’s the technology behind Choicely? Are your apps cross-platform or hybrid? Not exactly. Our platform produces fully native iOS and Android apps at the same time.


App templates

You can build your app from scratch or use our templates to get started. We have ready-made modules that can be adjusted to the look, feel and function of your business.


How to build mobile apps without coding

Watch the video to see how easy it is to build apps with Choicely app builder.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to build an app?

Our prices start from 499 €/month. A one time setup cost is added if you wish for the Choicely team to build the app for you. At this cost, you’ll get to do an unlimited amount of changes to your app, whenever you want. Our price varies depending on the amount of monthly active users. Check out our pricing page for more details.

Can you build iOS and Android apps with Choicely app builder?
How do I publish the app in App Store and Google Play?
What is the technology you use to build the apps?
Do you use cross-platform or hybrid technology?
Can I get customized apps?
Can I integrate other technologies in my own app, made with Choicely?
Do I own the app data?
Can I send push notifications?
How much time does it take to get an app built?
Can I get help in building and updating my app?

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