Ecommerce app

Bring your online store closer to your customers with a native ecommerce app!

Send targeted push messages to ignite repeat purchases. Go live in weeks, and update your app in real time.


The easiest way to launch an ecommerce app!

Get your ecommerce app in weeks rather than months, thanks to our no code app builder.

This way, your app isn't coded from scratch but built using existing templates and content: such as your ecommerce site and social channels.

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Manage the app in a lean way

Our app builder empowers you to make quick changes to your ecommerce app. You can update layouts, feeds, content and views yourself, requiring no extra cost.


Grow your revenue by improving retention and repeat purchases

Use your ecommerce app to fuel customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

Drive further business sending regular push messages that are hard to ignore on the customer's home screen.

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Build your ecommerce app into a content hub that customers love

On top of driving purhcases in your app, you can engage and monetize your users in many ways.

Offer enlightening articles tied to your products and business, or engage the users with voting or other interactive features.

You can also monetize your users through advertising, sponsorships, paid content, paid voting, and lead gen activations.


Build your Ecommerce app with Choicely

Get started with Choicely for free. Try the "Ecommerce app" template as a starting point! Pay only when you're all set to publish your app!

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