Korres Finland - ECommerce App

Korres Finland launched an ecommerce app late 2020. It combines Korres online store, news, coupons and special offers. The app was built without coding.

Korres Finland is the Finnish importer brand of the Greek cosmetics brand Korres. The company owns one flagship store in Helsinki, distributes Korres products to retailers in Finland and sells the cosmetics products in an online store. 
Korres Finland launched an ecommerce app in November 2020, that combines the existing online store, real time news and coupons for seasonal sales and special offers.

Korres Finland app brings the shopping experience of the Korres cosmetics to a whole new level. The app enables Korres Finland a 2-way communication with the customers on a daily basis and adds a new central media to the existing website, email and social platforms.

The Korres ecommerce app was built with Choicely app builder.

Rise of M-Commerce

Mobile commerce is becoming the new standard for modern buyers. Insider Intelligence forecast that m-commerce will reach $284 billion, or 45% of the total U.S. e-commerce market, by the end of 2020.

Especially Millennials embrace in-app shopping: 61% of Millennials say they download retail apps and 58% of millennials mentioned that they preferred purchasing through apps.

This happens because most users start out using a website, or a web app, before downloading the brand’s native mobile app. Once a certain level of engagement has been built, users switch to the app for better user experience and speed. In other words, mobile websites are better for driving initial awareness and engagement – but latter stages of the customer journey are better served by apps.

Research done by Criteo shows that mobile apps close the deal with consumers. People view 4.2x more products per session within apps, compared to mobile sites. Apps also push more people down the purchase funnel, with 3x higher conversion rates compared to mobile sites and even 1,5 times more conversions per session than via desktop.

Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Websites: Usage

So how do mobile users spend their time on mobile devices? Recent research shows that 90% of their mobile time is spent in apps, and only 10% browsing the rest of the internet. In the ecommerce space, the contrast is even more glaring: mobile app users spend an average 201.8 minutes per month shopping, compared to 10.9 minutes/month for website users.

In the future, expect website usage to shrink further as more and more e-commerce businesses move to web apps to accommodate consumers.

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