Liike Nyt - Political Party App

Liike Nyt app is the central media for the party's communication. The political party app offers news, a forum, videos and updates through push messages.

Liike Nyt is a political party in Finland, founded in November 2019. Liike Nyt promotes a new model in politics by enabling modern democracy through open dialogue and engagement with the party members.

Liike Nyt app is the central media for the party's communication. The app offers real time news, online parliament (forum), an abundance of relevant video content and push messages about important updates. The app was built with Choicely app builder.


Liike Nyt gains success in 2021 municipal elections

For the first time in municipal elections, Liike Nyt gained 1,6% of all votes (38 854 votes) and 49 council members in 21 cities and communities.

The Liike Nyt app played a central role in the Liike Nyt party's communication and was highly successful in all metrics during the elections. Now the app has found it's role as the party's communication and engagement platform with 2-way communication capabilities with the party members and various levels of party supporters.


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