Miss Germany App

Miss Germany beauty pageant app was launched early 2021. The app was built with Choicely app builder, and it offers an easy way to follow the competition.

Miss Germany is a national beauty competition. The contest was held for the first time in 1927.

Miss Germany app was launched February 2021. The app works as a new central media for German beauty competitions from local city competitions to 16 state competitions. The final is held each year in February in Europa Park with the 16 winners of the state competitions compiting for the Miss Germany title.



Miss Germany App

Miss Germany organisation is promoting woman empowerment throughout Germany by offering a unique platform for women to present themselves in the Miss Germany competition. The organisation has made radical changes in the last 2 years to make the competition more modern and to adapt with the changes brought by the pandemic and new cultural expectations.

Miss Germany app offers a modern, easy-to-use platform for the German fans to follow the Miss Germany competition, now boosted with Choicely voting and fan engagement tools.

Miss Germany organisation is using the Miss Germany app as the new platform to engage with the Instagram generation of German fans, who are now expecting state-of-the-art user experiences and visual & fun ways to engage with the competition.

The Miss Germany app was built using Choicely's no code mobile app builder that allows users to make and edit mobile apps without coding skills.

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