Zikini - eCommerce App

Zikini eCommerce app enables customers to shop beachwear, masks and peter. Emiisa Knuutinen, the CEO, built the app herself with Choicely app builder.

Zikini app enables customers to shop high quality beachwear, masks and peter anywhere, anytime! The free app offers fashion news, offers and beachwear and mask products.

Emiisa Knuutinen built the Zikini app herself

Emiisa Knuutinen, CEO of Zikini, built the Zikini app herself from scratch with Choicely app builder.

"I strongly recommend all businesses that sell products online or serve online communities to build visually compelling apps to better engage and monetize the customer base. Apps have also become the new premium standard for brands that truly want to serve their customers with high level services"

- Emiisa Knuutinen, Zikini CEO

Beyond shopping

Zikini app works as a modern M-Commerce shopping pal in the customer's pocket, giving constant reminders of the Zikini brand and products.

Zikini app also works as a presentation tool for B2B customers, as Emiisa uses an Android tablet for presenting the brand and products, and she found out that the best way to present Zikini is to simply open the app on a large tablet to present the brand and products in a highly mobile optimized user experience.

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