Miss England App

In 2020 Miss England launched Miss England app, built with Choicely app builder. The beauty pageant app brought most of UK beauty pageants into one place.

In November 2020 Miss England launched Miss England app powered by Choicely together with the pageant organizer Angie Beasley and brought the majority of beauty pageants in the UK into one cool app.
Miss England organization was founded in 1928, and Angie Beasley has been the director of Miss England since 2002. In the 1990s, Angie organized Miss United Kingdom on behalf of Miss World.

Miss England Beuaty Pageant app

Choicely and Miss England have partnered to unify Miss England activities in a user-friendly Miss England app. The new digital contestant journey will have a unified journey from casting to fan voting and judge rating. Miss England fans are offered an Instagram style user experience within the Miss England app with advanced voting and engagement opportunities. The app has been built with Choicely app builder.

The Miss England App features everything about contest and final and give contestants and followers the opportunity to access everything Miss England related on their phones including unseen images and videos!!

At their fingertips users are able vote for their favorite contestants and have access to watch Premium content including unseen interviews with Finalists, former winners, organizers and beauty tips from the professionals along with up to date info about the latest competitions and Livestream events!


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