Fan engagement tools

Activate fans with interactive features that you can easily embed on your website. Collect data and feedback. All in real time.


Versatile fan engagement tools

Choicely's fan engagement platform allows you to create your own fan activations and publish them on your website with ease.

Use these interactive features to entertain your fans and collect fan data:

  • Votes
  • Ratings
  • Surveys
  • Polls
  • 1-on-1 Battles

Benefits of the fan engagement tools

Sky's the limit for using these fan engagement tools. Get strategic by collecting fan registry and by understanding your fans.

Generate entertaining content that you can use on your website and share across your digital channels like your social media.

  • Grow fan data & registry
  • Collect feedback in real time
  • Entertain fans with interactive content
  • Co-create content with fans & for the fans

A straightforward fan engagement platform

Thanks to Choicely's fan engagement platform, you can get your fan activations up and running in a week.

We'll onboard you to the platform so you can do as many fan activations, and as often as you like – without any additional costs or delays.

  • Clear dashboards
  • Simple web embeds
  • GDPR compliant data management
  • Training included

Add-on: Fan monetization

You can also power-up your fan engagement platform, and generate income for your organization through fan monetization features like paid votings and ratings.

The fan monetization feature is optional and has an additional cost that's tailored based on your usage and volumes. Contact us if you're interested!



Get the Choicely fan activations and fan engagement platform for a fixed monthly fee, no hidden costs. Create as many activations as you like.

  • Features: Voting, Surveys, Ratings, Polls, Battles
  • Easy tool for creating and managing these features
  • Web embedding
  • GDPR compliant database for storing fan data
  • Setup & training

840 € / month

Min. 12 months investment


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