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Best No Code App Builder: Why you choose wisely when you use Choicely

Looking for the Best No Code App Builder? Discover Choicely: the mobile app builder that is easy to learn and has rich user engagement features.

Are you looking for the best no code mobile app builder for you or your team?

You’ve come to the right place.

There are numerous no code app builders out there on the market, and they have clear differences between them – although they might appear very similar at first glance.

Choicely is a mobile app builder that has been developed in-house, and we know the tool like our own pockets, if not better.

It’s based on our own extensive experience of mobile app development, and what kind of functionalities customers value when they are building and updating their apps.

In this article we’ll go through some of the most important ways Choicely app builder stands out. Here is a summary of them. Choicely is…

  1. Easy to learn
  2. Rich in user engagement features
  3. Loved by its customers
  4. Used for making high quality native apps
  5. Designed to make the most out of your existing resources
  6. Economical and scalable
  7. A low risk purchase

Read further to learn more! While you’re reading this, keep a count on how many of these points match with your needs.

1. Easy to learn – whether you’re a developer or not

Choicely app builder is easy to learn: it’s a true No Code platform, which means you can make fully functional apps without any coding skills.

The user interface is based on our first-hand experience on mobile app development.

The most common use cases are made as easy as possible: such as content production and publishing. On top of these use cases, we allow users to make very specific modifications into the app so they can reach the desired end result.


Developers can also add custom-coded elements on top of the app, that is otherwise built without coding. Our platform supports all kinds of languages like React, Java, Flutter, or web-based languages. This means you can enrich your apps with out-of-the-box features made by other service providers.

With Choicely, users can create fully functioning and high quality mobile apps without any coding skills, and developers don’t need to learn a new language at all – our app builder is truly “no code”, not “low code”.

Choicely is a good business decision for your company because you don’t need to hire highly specialized experts, which can be expensive and difficult.

2. Gives you limitless possibilities to engage with your audience

With Choicely, you can build an engaging mobile app right from the start. We have put a lot of emphasis on offering a versatile set of activation tools such as voting, surveys, and ratings. These activation tools increase engagement with the brand: the users engage longer, more often, and more intensely – which then helps sell more with diverse app monetization opportunities.


Choicely supports various types of custom development, so if you want a nice VR experience, a module that leverages generative AI, a Metaverse or a cool interactive 3D map feature, you can have it. As long as the feature is possible to be accessed through mobile, our platform supports it.

Choicely app builder essentially doesn’t limit the possibilities of how you can develop your app now and in the future.

3. You're likely to love it

Our customers are happy with our services. Our latest NPS rating was +88% and the average number given in the survey was 9,6. Our rating in is 4,9 / 5.

Choicely is used by leaders in media, sports and entertainment, such as ITV Studios / Love Island TV Show, International Judo Federation, Lawn Tennis Association, Arsenal Fan TV and Miss Universe. We serve numerous SMBs across numerous verticals, and businesses across 40+ countries.


4. Your app users will get optimal experience on both platforms: iOS and Android

Choicely app builder generates truly native iOS and Android mobile apps. Choicely has two codebases, unlike cross platform apps that use one codebase for both platforms.

Choicely’s two codebases and native apps ensure rich functionalities on both iOS and Android – the apps are specifically optimized for both of these platforms.


5. You'll save time

With Choicely app builder, you can make the most out of your existing content, marketing and communications activities, and technologies.

You can bring your website content into your app, and have the app content update automatically. You can even send automated push messages when new content is published. Integrating content from your social channels like Youtube and Instagram into your app is often a good idea as well.

Love Island Fan Engagement Playbook 4

Choicely supports all types of integrations. For example, you can integrate your app with systems like CRM – to send personalized push notifications at the right time, to the right person.

In short, Choicely is a highly automated platform that helps you make the most out of your current resources.

6. Your apps will be scalable and economical

When developing Choicely app builder, we have paid a lot of attention to detail.

One of these “details” – which becomes a massive flaw if not functioning properly – is the excellent scalability of the apps. Your app is scalable to millions of users from day 1.


Still, you don’t pay for the server space you don’t use – your app just has the capability from the beginning. Our apps can also handle big traffic peaks well. Something we have demonstrated extensively with big TV shows like Love Island and voting contests like Miss Universe.

The apps require minimal data transferring, resulting in significant cost savings. Apps built with Choicely also don’t take up very much storage space in consumers’ devices.

7. Choicely is a low risk purchase

Choicely is a low risk purchase for two reasons.

Firstly, subscription to Choicely app builder and apps is a very cost effective purchase. The monthly fee starts from 499 € per month and costs around 1500€–2000 € per month on average. With the fixed monthly cost, you’ll get

  • your own fully functional app
  • get to change and update your app as much as you want without any extra costs or delays from the service provider
  • proper onboarding – we’ll make sure you know how to use our app builder
  • attentive customer support
  • app analytics – usage data of your app that you can use to develop engagement in your app

Secondly, before purchasing a subscription, you’ll see what you get before you buy from Choicely. We’ll show you the demo of the platform.

We can also make a demo app for your business, without requiring you to sign up for a subscription. In that case, you’ll only need to pay for the app setup cost only.

Then you can test out your demo app and decide if you decide to subscribe for Choicely services and release the app to your audience.

Estimate and compare potential app costs in our App Cost Calculator Google Sheet:



Did you count of how many points are important to your business? If you got at least 4 out of 7, we’d advise you to explore how Choicely app builder would look like for you in a demo meeting with us.

All in all, we have developed Choicely to be a platform that’s easy to approach for both non-developers and developers.

We wanted to make a no code platform that doesn’t force you to make compromises in functionalities – while also allowing a “layman” to build and manage a fully functional, high quality mobile app themselves.

Choicely also aims to be a platform that’s a financially solid and scalable investment, from solopreneurs to bigger companies.

According to the feedback from our happy customers, we believe we have done a good job.

Build your app with Choicely

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