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Our online voting tools have been used in contests with millions of voters across the world. We also offer voting contest apps which provide an easy way to vote.

Choicely is one of the most reliable and easy to use online voting systems on the market. The implementation is quick. You can go live quickly with your online voting, even within days if needed.

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How to create an online voting contest with Choicely

Creating voting contests with Choicely is easy with our drag and drop builder. We can train you to create votes, or set it up for you.

The same tool is used for making branded mobile apps, no coding skills needed.


Grow your voting contest revenue with paid votes

Paid voting is a great way to grow your revenue.

You can offer free votes, and app packages, tailored for your audience.

We'll help you set up payments for your voting contest.


Option: Create closed elections or voting

You can also create elections or voting among a restricted group of people.

You can achieve this by requiring login, and only allowing certain users to access the vote.


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