Icelandic Broadcaster RÚV launches their Entertainment App

The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service, RÚV, launched an Entertainment App to engage with its audiences in TV and radio, gaining early success.

“RÚV realized the value of this kind of a solution early”, says Heikki Rotko, Executive Chairman of Choicely. “They see the value of launching an entertainment app to engage their audience with interactive tools such as voting, polls and ratings.”

This interactivity factor will be common for all content that comes to the new Entertainment app. The app works as the home for RÚV’s entertainment programs in television and radio.

Check out the app by clicking the story icon below.

The new mobile app lifted the Eurovision voting to an all-time high

The first major shows featured in the app were the World Cup of Handball, and the Eurovision Song Contest – both important events for the Icelandic.

The Eurovision Song Contest is a popular show in Iceland. Two national qualification rounds  kicked off the national contest, culminating in a final on March 4th where the Icelandic selected Diljá to represent them with her song "Power". The continent-wide main event will be in May.

With the new app at their disposal, RÚV introduced premium paid votes on top of the traditional SMS and phone votes. Adding a new voting channel was a success: the national votes counts reached an all-time high in Iceland's Eurovision qualification history.


The World Cup of Handball was the first event featured in the app. The sport is one of the biggest in Iceland, and the nation had their own team representing in the tournament. The app featured all kinds of activations during the tournament. For example, the fans could assess the player performance from game-to-game using interactive player ratings.

Engagement in an agile way

RÚV has a strong belief in interactive ideas and the broadcaster is planning to implement more and more ideas as they go. One way of using the app will be offering nation-wide votes for all kinds of topics from “Person of the Year” to “Best Christmas Song”. The new users are excited how the Choicely no code app builder allows to start new votes and activations in an agile way.

“Usually when you buy a new tool, it is to solve some certain issues. Then you realize the tool can be used for totally different purposes.

The Choicely app is like a Swiss army knife for us, a multipurpose instrument. Not only will it dramatically change the way voting is concluded on our entertainment programmes, and make sports broadcasts more fun and engaging, but will also become one of our most important channels for listening to what our users have to say.

The app will become a social media in itself, a place where people's opinions matter. We will invite our audiences to rate our shows, and take part in panels for audience research.”

- Einar Logi Vignisson, CEO of RÚV Sales

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