Choicely partners with Kiuas Accelerator in Helsinki

Kiuas can now offer an easy way for startups to build high quality mobile apps. No need to raise funding just to get an app live.



Choicely has partnered up with Kiuas Accelerator, the leading startup accelerator in Finland. Kiuas provides early-stage startups with invaluable support, networks, and tools to take their progress to the next level.

With the help of Choicely's no code mobile app builder, Kiuas can now offer an easy way for startups to build high quality mobile apps – without raising any additional funding.


"Choicely platform helps to kickstart your mobile business with a high quality mobile app today. No need to raise funding just to get your mobile app live"


Nea Harjanne, CEO of Kiuas said

"As we work with early-stage teams we can clearly see that low-code and no-code tools are the future for many teams. We are happy that this deal will help our teams to prototype and release their MVPs even faster, resulting in faster and stronger validation."


Kaius Meskanen, CEO of Choicely said:

“Choicely’s no-code app development platform offers a simple, fast and affordable platform to build & maintain high quality mobile apps at a fraction of the time and cost. 

This way startups can build high quality apps - something that's been a luxury available for large companies only - for quite some time. 

Kiuas enables startups in the accelerator to launch mobile apps during the actual program, with CTO level guidance from Choicely team. That's real added value for a startup.”unnamed (4)

Choicely is used by leaders in media, sports & entertainment, such as: ITV Studios / Love Island TV Show apps, Banijay, International Judo Federation, IMG / Miss Universe app.

Presentation day at Kiuas - October 11th

Choicely team will present the Choicely Startup Program on October 11th at Kiuas. Startups can join in an online session.

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