Eerikkilä Sports & Outdoor Resort Mobile App

Eerikkilä Sports & Outdoor resort caters its customers with a new mobile app, called E.App, offering users a comprehensive mobile guide on the resort.

The motto for Eerikkilä Outdoor & Sport Resort is "develop yourself, feel good and enjoy".

The resort lives up to it by providing varied facilities and services from sports and education to corporate and recreational purposes.

Their brand new mobile app is called E.App.

E.App in a nutshell

E. App is a comprehensive package of things to do and experience in Eerikkilä, combined with offers and information of the resort, including a virtual 360 map. Customers can also book a vacation or register for events with E. App.

"We want to invest in improving our customer experience, and E.App is one concrete measure for that. The most important task of E.App is to make doing business with us even easier. We want to make our offering clearly visible from the lunch menu to upcoming events.", says Elina Pennanen, Communications Manager of Eerikkilä Sports & Outdoor.


E.App in a nutshell:

  • Current events, offers and news
  • Book activities, events, vacations or meetings
  • Make a virtual visit to Eerikkilä with an interactive 360 map
  • Things to do, inside and outside
  • E.Way media portal: listen podcasts, watch videos, get to know Eerikkilä's E.Way wellbeing philosophy or learn about football and floorball national team activities


Continuous app development

The app was built without coding, with Choicely app builder.

"Having your own mobile app is a natural way to improve customer service and communication. Eerikkilä is making a digital leap by widely offering its services in a mobile-optimized format.", says Kaius Meskanen, CEO of Choicely.

"It was important for us to find an agile Finnish partner, who is easy to co-operate with and who also invests in customer experience and constant development of their services.", says Elina Pennanen from Eerikkilä.

"From the beginning, Choicely has been committed to developing the application to suit our needs, and to continue the work in the future as well.", adds Pennanen.

In the future, the plan is to make booking and payment possible for more activities in E.App, which will further facilitate transactions.

Check out Eerikkilä's video to learn more about their offering:

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