Choicely partners with Platform6 Startup House in Tampere

Platform6 can now offer an easy way for Tampere-based startups to build high quality mobile apps. No need to raise funding just to get an app live.



Platform6 - where growth companies take off

"Choicely platform helps to kickstart your mobile business with a high quality mobile app today. No need to raise funding just to get your mobile app live"

Platform6 opened its doors on the 1st of October in 2020. It offers startups a structured growth path along with a curated space, peer support, global networks and carefully selected services & programmes that help startups at all stages (from ideation to international expansion) grow, scale and access private investments, public funding, mentors, strategic partners, corporates, top talent, customers, etc. As of now, it has 60+ startups, 7 organisations, 200+ members, and 3 startup programmes residing, working and running from Platform6. It is operated by a coalition of startups Tampere Startup Hub and supported by The City of Tampere.


Platform6 x Choicely partnership enables startups to serve their customers with highly mobile optimised iOS & Android apps, where modern users spend over 4 hours daily.

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Kaius Meskanen, CEO of Choicely said:

“Choicely’s no code app development platform offers a simple, fast and affordable platform to build & maintain high quality mobile apps at a fraction of the time and cost.

This way startups can build hiqh quality apps - something that´s been a luxury available for large companies only - for quite some time.

Platform6 offers a direct way for their startup ecosystem to get their mobile apps live in weeks, with CTO level guidance from Choicely team. That's real added value for a startup.”

unnamed (4)Choicely is already used by leaders in media, sports & entertainment, such as: ITV Studios / Love Island TV Show apps, Banijay, International Judo Federation, IMG / Miss Universe app. 


Alexandra Santos, CEO of Platform6 said: 

"Our goal is to provide our members with as much support on their startup journey as we can, and the right partners play a vital role in it.

By offering easy to use, high quality, startup specific services and tools we raise the possibility of accelerating the business growth of our companies.

Choicely is this kind of a partner that comes with a tech solution and professional support our startups seek and can utilise straight away. It will definitely help many of the Platform6 companies grow faster."


Presentation day at Platform6 - 21st of September

Choicely team will present the Choicely Startup Program on 21st September 2022 at 1pm at Platform6. Startups can join in the hub or through a conference call.

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