Tahko resort app

Tahko offers a highly mobile optimized resort app to enable great customer experiences and repeat visits to Tahko. It was built with Choicely app builder.

The brand new Tahko resort app Powered by Choicely was launched today. Enjoy the Tahko experience like never before with all services in your pocket.

Book a nice cabin, shop skiing tickets, explore the ski slopes, restaurants, events, weather and more. Nice and easy.

On March 6th the Tahko resort launched a new Tahko mobile app.

Tahko is an active ski resort and a year-round holiday destination in the middle of Finland. World-class ski slopes, soothing lakes situated in pure natural surroundings, diverse facilities, colorful events, after parties and a joyous atmosphere will charm families, friends and business travelers alike. 

Once you’re there, Tahko’s diverse activities and experiences are all easy to reach. For those who appreciate time in nature, Tahko will no doubt become a favorite destination year after year.

The nearest large city, Kuopio, is only less than an hour’s drive away, so Kuopio’s vibrant city life, the best shopping, colorful cultural experiences and the city’s attractions are at your fingertips. The central location means you’ll spend more time enjoying yourself than worrying about travelling.

Tahko app built to enable great experiences

They say, a trip in plans increases happiness. The aim is the same with the new Tahko app.

The new app is designed to enable great customer experiences, referrals and repeat visits to Tahko.

The app has been built with Choicely app builder that allows anyone to modify any section of an app with few clicks. However the secret sauce is not scoping the right functions but creating a whole experience of the highest quality.

Kaius Meskanen, CEO of Choicely said:

“The global pandemic forced hospitality industry to get modernised.

Resorts like Tahko used their idle time to create new digital services. Their visions amplified by co creating with us their new mobile app.

We believe in aesthetics are equally important to functionality and we love designing apps that create a pleasant experience every time users open apps made with Choicely app builder.

We're super happy that Tahko gave us this challenge and we thank them for co-creating such beautiful app for their tourist resort."

More information on Tahko: Tahko Holiday Resort Finland

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