Premiere: Dancing with the Stars Finland app Powered by Choicely

Dancing with the Stars Finland launched a new app that enables viewers to engage with the show. The app was built with Choicely app builder.

The Finnish Dancing with the Stars 2022 season launched on MTV3 late August. It was boosted by a highly interactive companion app Powered by Choicely.


The legenday Dancing with the Stars tv show format by BBC Studios goes live in Finland as (Tanssii Tähtien Kanssa in Finnish), produced by Banijay Finland. The new season boasts a companion app that enables the viewers to engage with the show in ways never seen before in the show.

The DWTS mobile app enables you to:

🌟 Vote for your favorite dancers

🌟 Get the news & videos

🌟 Follow your favorite dancers

🌟 Rate the dance performances

🌟 Engage in polls & competitions

🌟 Watch exclusive LIVE content




Be the judge - Rate the dance performances

For the first time, the viewers can step in the shoes of the judges and rate the dance performances. The app provides a series of advanced rating experiences for the viewers as they get to rate the various qualities of each performance. The results of each viewer judging will be announced for the viewers.

Vote for your favorite dancers

The mobile app makes it easy for the viewers to vote for their favorite dancers.

Be the first to know

Dancing with the Stars app is the one stop shop to stay updated with the exciting content, highlight videos and exclusive LIVE content produced during the shows.

Get the app to experience more

The viewers can now download “Tanssii Tähtien Kanssa” mobile app to get the full tv show experience and engage with the show in many ways. Watch the exclusive live content, vote for your favorite dances, follow your favorite dancers and most of all - have a look around and enjoy yourself!

Choicely mobile app platform

Choicely’s mobile app builder offers a simple, fast and affordable platform to build & maintain high quality mobile apps. Anyone can build apps by using a visual drag & drop builder and easily build mobile apps from modular building blocks. The platform is already used by leaders in media, sports & entertainment with millions of end users from 200+ countries.

Choicely & Banijay

Banijay has started using Choicely mobile app builder for a growing number of projects. The platform offers a way for the production teams to directly manage the TV show apps with ease, also during live TV shows when things need to happen fast without delay times. The platform offers extensive voting and activation tools for creating highly interactive TV show apps. The platform comes with enterprise grade scaling for millions of simultaneous users, which is critical in large productions.

“ Large scale TV shows always require renewal in some form or another. Dancing With The Stars has a strong foundation with its audience who engage heavily in the show through call & SMS voting and other social media channels. The Dancing With The Stars app is a hub for all of it. With the help of Choicely, the app allows the Dancing With The Stars universe to expand and lets the audience really dive into an exclusive world of content and engaging features.”
Rasmus Liestøl, Nordisk Banijay

“ For me the future of tv show apps is in offering real value to the viewer at home. The viewers use second screen devices on regular bases while watching TV anyway, so the best way is to offer interactive tv show apps where the viewers enjoy their time with great content, exciting things and fun ways to interact with the show. This way you get their real attention. ”
Kaius Meskanen, CEO of Choicely





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