Fashion Model Agency mobile app

The Helsinki-born Fashion Model Agency boosts its digital services by introducing a mobile app, built with Choicely app builder.

Fashion Model Agency launches a mobile app with model booking, casting, model school and other core services - all in a highly mobile optimized app.

Fashion Model Agency is a modern high-class company on international standards. They have provided models both internationally and locally since 2004.


The app

The Fashion Model Agency team used Choicely app builder to digitalize their core business processes and serve their two main target groups through mobile:

The app enables companies to explore model catalogues, book models, browse information about Fashion Model Agency and get interesting notifications.

The models can be in touch with the agency in different stages of their modeling journey.

The FMA app also enables models to apply to work in Fashion Model Acency with a smooth casting process. There’s a parallel Model School app accessible from the app’s side menu, making it easy for the Model School students to use the app as a tool.

The app also presents international model and beauty competitions, where Fashion Model Agency is sending their models.

Fashion Model Agency can now use Choicely no code app platform for real time app updates, content updates, push messages and future iterations of the app, using customer feedback as a part of the iteration process.

Unlike custom coded apps, Fashion Model Agency app has the ability to adapt and update in real time when new functions, content, design or app hierarchy is implemented.


Why FMA joins the rush to mobile apps

People spend 4 hours and 40 minutes on average in their mobile phones, and 90% of that in mobile apps, because of the ease of use and easy access.

Most of the customers in any industry prefer a well designed native mobile app experience, rather than write www addresses over and over again on their mobile phones.

As a premium service, mobile apps offer direct push messages as a powerful 1-to-1 communication channel with customers. Push messages are intimate and stay directly on customer screens and bring them back to the app over five times more frequently than they visit websites.

Excitement in the air

Kaius Meskanen, CEO of Choicely said: "I love working with the Fashion Model Agency team. They’re bringing their innovative ideas to the FMA app effectively, and with four iterations they’ve produced a great model agency app.

The team is capable of making quick feature & content updates at any time. I can see clear benefits for FMA clients and models with the amplified app experience and fast access to FMA content!"

Founder and CEO of Fashion Model Agency Merja Kupiainen-Groundstroem, has worked in the field of modeling over four decades, and is excited to bring the app to market:

"Fashion Model Agency App now available on App Store and Google Play Store! You can easily browse and book models for your next project, read our blog, apply to become a model and sign up for our model courses."

- Merja Kupiainen-Groundstroem, Founder and CEO, Fashion Model Agency


Check out the promo video for another one of FMA's digital services, Online Model Agency:

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