Miss South Africa mobile app

South Africa beauty pageant app was built with Choicely app builder. The app offers features like news, casting, voting, exclusive content and more.

The brand new Miss South Africa app Powered by Choicely was launched today.


“Entertainment brands like Miss South Africa build outstanding mobile apps with Choicely no code app platform



On April 3rd Miss South Africa they launched a named mobile app.

Miss South Africa is a leadership platform for ambitious young South African women. Through a pageantry process, contestants receive world-renowned coaching in addition to advanced networking, business and life skills. Beautiful, diverse and powerful, these women are shaped into celebrated ambassadors of our country; role models with voices that resonate and brands that inspire 365 days a year.

About Miss South Africa beauty pageant


Kaius Meskanen, CEO of Choicely said:

“Another great example of how Choicely’s codeless mobile studio delivers great value. Miss South Africa will increase their engagement with their large fan base. The app offers highly mobile optimized user experience with core features like news, casting, voting, subscriptions for exclusive content and more. Good customer and business relationships count for increased revenue."

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