Miss Supranational, Global beauty pageant app

Miss Supranational is one of the Big Five global beauty pageants. The Supranational app was built without coding using Choicely app builder.

Miss Supranational is one of the "Big Five" global beauty pageants. The organization also hosts Mister Supranational, and the contestants come from 80 countries across all continents.
The Miss Supranational management team is constantly developing the business operations and in November 2019 they launched Miss Supranational app powered by Choicely to become the first global beauty pageant with a state-of-the-art application that offers the fans a highly engaging environment to interact with the brand.
The Miss Supranational app enables the fans to vote for their favorite contestants and select audience choice to enter the TOP10 stage of the contest. The app also offers a live news feed and a premium news feed with behind the scenes material with a subscription for the super fans. The app was built with Choicely app builder, and is available for download in App Store and Google Play.
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