Face the Truth Voting

Face the Truth, a show aired on CBS. Choicely enabled the studio audience to vote as the presenters asked their opinions and TV audience was engaged.

Face the Truth
Daytime talk show on CBS
Face the Truth is a daytime show produced by Stage29 that was aired on CBS, hosted by Vivica A. Fox.

Choicely enabled the studio audience to vote with tablets as the presenters asked their opinions and the TV audience was engaged with the same questions on the TV Show website.
The studio and TV audience was able to select an answer from 2 options, and the show used Choicely's simplified "Battle" voting where user clicks one of the two alternatives on a mobile device. The results were presented on a large screen in the Studio with a few seconds delay, enabling the hosts to see the audience choice immediately and let the guests "Face the Truth". The live setting created exiting reactions and emotions in the studio audience, hosts and the guests, creating fun moments throughout each episode.


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