Choicely reseller program

Build powerful mobile apps for your customers


Provide customers with quality apps without coding

Building a high-quality mobile app for customers used to be expensive. It would require a ton of hours, coding expertise and months to get live. Not anymore.

Choicely no code app builder you can offer your customers high-quality apps in weeks, rather than months.


Make app development easy with our app builder

Making high quality apps for customers is easier than you think. Our easy-to-use app builder works like Wordpress for apps. With the builder, your team can make native iOS and Android in weeks.

We’ll train your team to use the app builder, and provide timely support whenever you need it. You’ll use the same tool to make updates to your customers’ apps.


Apps built with Choicely


Advanced engagement and monetization tools

Build versatile and engaging apps with Choicely app builder. Bring content from the customer’s website and social media. Provide built-in interactive features from voting, surveys and ratings. Empower your customers to monetize their audience with features like ecommerce store integration, paid voting, in-app purchases, advertising and sponsorships.


Unlimited features with integrations

Is there a feature, embeddable code or view you’d like to see in your customers’ app? The possibilities to enrich your apps are practically endless. You can use web views, SDK's and API's to add any custom functionalities into your app.


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