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You don't have to learn to code, just compose

No code development is a programming method that allows anyone to create software. All you need is a computer with internet access and idea: what to build.

What is a no code app development studio?

No-code development is a software programming method that allows anyone, at any age or educational level, to create software. 


Not by typing code or dictating voice commands but by using a visual user interface. All you need is a PC, internet and a concept to be converted into a great mobile app. The idea, concept is the most important question, the technical parts are solved with Choicely studio: our no code app builder.

No code studios can codify a business process, automate repetitive manual work therefore it is important to have a clear purpose, so you can measure the ROI. Also, mobile apps are great to engage with your customers, promote new offers and ideas, in essence building a long term relationship with them. 

How do you analyze what you need?

One option is to hire a consultant to look at your business processes, audit your social media marketing. Our consultants will observe operations and then propose adjustments to improve KPIS. However, if you know precisely what your business needs, then Choicely studio and a few clicks can create an app in minutes.

Our Choicely studio offers dozens of ready templates to use, for multiple segments, from Sports clubs to TV shows and much more. Also we offer templates to bring ecommerce to small businesses hit hard by lock downs and the pandemic. 

Since no code studios are served as Software as a Service, prices are competitive and for all budget levels. Is a fact that the total cost of a mobile project can be reduced up to 90% by using a no code app studio

How fast will the investment be returned?

In both cases, the cost of the app project is low since you don't need to hire expensive developers to hand code it. Within the first year all costs related to Choicely no code studio can be returned, is a low risk investment.

You can compare different cost models with our App Cost Calculator Google Sheet:

Digitize your business and evolve

Think of a local food Company investing on marketing flyers to promote locally their offering. Flyers are overused, agitating customers with the pollution they create. Flyers are Intrusive, found at car windscreens, clogging out snail boxes and mainly end up directly in the recycle bin. For those reasons they are not as effective as they used to be and convert fewer clients.

Most of us will use a food delivery service to expand our options and see for special offers. However not all will be listed because commission fees take a huge portion of profits. All those restaurants not listed nor not having their own ordering app suffered big financial losses during Covid. Restaurant and hospitality businesses now can create their own loyalty mobile app for their customers. 

Choicely studio can send an instant message to all phones with your app installed. Imagine if you can inform all your customers with your day special offer. Just remind your customers 20 minutes before their launch break. Your daily offers will be visible when the question arises on what to eat that day. The old location, location mantra is now challenged by a well crafted mobile message. Simply press a button and watch daily sales grow. You can focus on providing the best customer service that money can buy.


Want to learn more?

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