Fan Engagement Ideas For Email Marketing [Quick & Easy Tips]

Sports brands can arrange various contests, raffles and surveys to collect leads and 1st party data from their fanbase. But what should happen after that?

In this episode of “Quick & Easy Tips for App Owners” we feature Nirupam Singh, who helps motorsport brands and SportTech companies to get and keep more customers by ghostwriting email assets.

We invited Nirupam to join our series thanks to the great synergy between our expertise: with Choicely’s fan engagement tools, sports brands can arrange various contests, raffles and surveys to collect leads and 1st party data from their fanbase; and Singh is specialized on the followup of these leads. 

We asked Nirupam Singh some tough questions about the best practices of handling the leads, and how to maximize the value of fan data. Onto his tips!

Can you give some quick and easy tips on how sports rights owners, marketers and fan engagement teams should handle their leads after the collection?

Cultivating these fan relationships effectively is important”, Nirupam Singh says.

“One quick and easy strategy is to send a personalized thank you message to each lead, expressing gratitude for their participation and interest in the brand. This simple gesture goes a long way in making fans feel valued and appreciated.”, Singh explains.

“Plus, exclusive content is your secret weapon for upping that engagement.”, Singh adds.

According to Singh this could include:

  1. Behind-the-scenes footage,
  2. Player interviews,
  3. Sneak peeks into upcoming events.

“By providing fans exclusive content related to their favorite teams or sports, brands can deepen their connection with the audience and keep them actively engaged. Let's focus on impact first, then think about reach.”, Singh describes his approach.

“Additionally, interactive challenges or quizzes can be fun to maintain momentum and encourage ongoing interaction with the sports app or platform. These challenges could be related to sports trivia, upcoming events, or predictions, allowing fans to showcase their knowledge and passion for the game.”, Singh adds.


How should Sports Brands generate these leads in the first place?

“Regarding lead generation, sports brands should follow several best practices. Firstly, providing a clear value proposition to potential fans is important. Clearly communicate the benefits of participating in contests, surveys, or building lead magnets to incentivize lead generation.”, Singh explains.

“But make sure your lead magnets are usable content, not simply information. If your fans can have something tangible, their experience will be more memorable.”, he emphasizes.

According to Singh, in order to fully understand this, Sports Brands must have tools in place to listen to fans about their pains, problems, and challenges. This will further help you gain knowledge on how a personalized experience can solve their challenges. Provide them with the first step to solving those problems.

“Furthermore, simplicity is key. Avoid overwhelming users with lengthy forms or excessive information requests during opt-in. Keep the process streamlined and user-friendly to encourage maximum participation. I see too many opt-in forms asking for too much for too little. Put yourself in their shoes and speak their language.”, Singh instructs.

Singh also adds that social proof can significantly boost fan and revenue generation efforts. Incorporate testimonials, user-generated content, or endorsements from collaborators to build trust and credibility with potential leads.

According to Singh, these result in increased:

  1. Participation
  2. Engagement
  3. Revenue


What are some more advanced tips to maximizing the value of your fan data?

“Effective lead handling and communication are essential to successful fan engagement strategies for sports brands.”, Singh starts out.

“Once the basics of lead handling and generation are covered, sports brands can explore additional strategies to maximize the value of their leads.”

“One practical approach is to invest in professional content creation services, such as photo, video, or ghostwriting, to develop high-quality assets, newsletters, or promotional materials. Nurturing is the key word here; maintaining that relationship is more important than attracting more.”, Singh describes.

According to him, these materials should resonate with fans and provide them with valuable and engaging content that keeps them returning for more.

“Segmentation and personalization are crucial. Segment leads based on demographics, interests, or engagement levels and tailor communication accordingly. Providing relevant content and offers tailored to each segment enhances the overall fan experience and increases the likelihood of conversion.”, Singh says.

Furthermore, maintaining continuous engagement with fans is essential.

“Implement regular updates, exclusive offers, or interactive challenges to keep fans active and interested in the sports app or platform. It's a two-way conversation, so spend that listening and interacting with them. A simple discussion goes a long way.”, Singh puts.

With these tips sports owners, marketers, and fan engagement teams can optimize their efforts, deepen connections with their audience, and, ultimately, maximize fan engagement and loyalty.

“Stay connected and deliver value, and you’ll foster long-term relationships with your fans”, Singh says.

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