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Publishing your iOS app on the Apple App Store

Here's a step-by-step guide for setting up your App Store developer account.

After you’ve created the account according to these instructions, contact Choicely’s team to handle the app publishing for you.

The steps are:

  1. Get your international Business ID
  2. Create Apple Developer Account
  3. Fill in agreements and invite a developer


1. Get your international Business ID

DUNS number is an international business ID required by Apple in the enrolment process. In some countries you can get the DUNS number from an online database, and in some countries you need to request a DUNS number. This can take 2-14 business days.


2. Create Apple Developer Account

Log in to https://developer.apple.com/enroll with your Apple ID (or create one), activate 2-step authentication, and fill in your business information, including the DUNS number. Select “Organisation” as the account type (not personal). Pay the $99 annual fee to activate your account.

There can be a 2-5 business days delay in the account activation process, and Apple personnel may contact you to verify you as a person who has the rights to create the business account for your business.


3. Fill in agreements and invite a Choicely developer

Go to “Agreements” section in the developer account and agree with the App Store’s agreements. If you will use in-app purchases in your app, also agree the “Paid apps” agreement and add your banking information in the account.

Finally, invite a Choicely developer with admin rights to your account: Juhana Kommeri, [email protected] and Visa Pekkinen, [email protected]


You're done!

You have just created an App Store developer account for publishing your app, and contacted Choicely. When the app is submitted for review, it takes a week on average to get your app live – sometimes more, sometimes less! So your app should be live soon!

Also check out the article on publishing the Android version of your app here.

Choicely platform will soon provide self-service tools also for app publishing.

Tip: check if you’re eligible to apply to the Apple Small Business Program and reduce the App Store fee from 30% to 15% https://developer.apple.com/app-store/small-business-program/