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Guidelines for Google Play & App Store screenshots and listings

Learn what kind of information Google Play and Apple App Store require you to fill when publishing your app

It’s time to publish your app!

We will first help you complete the steps to create Google and Apple developer profiles for your company – this requires a video call as we need to get the settings just right.

When they're complete, it's time to create your app store listings and submit your app for approval.

The stores ask to fill in information, promotional images, and your app logo. The content needs to be optimized to make the listing pages look professional and to get them approved.

  • Especially producing the right kind of images can prove to be tricky and time consuming.
  • If you want to, you can produce the content and images by yourself.
  • Choicely can also handle this part for you as a service for a small fee.

Whether you produce the files or us, we will provide you with a shared Google Drive folder where we can collaborate on the files and then submit them for approval, to make sure the process goes smoothly.

Here are the requirements for the listing page content:


App name

  • Your app’s name will appear in App Store & Google Play
  • Max 30 characters


  • Max 30 characters
  • Here you can briefly describe the value of the app

Promotional text

  • Max 170 characters
  • This shows in the beginning of the app description
  • Write a compelling text
  • You can edit it any time without the need to submit a new app version


  • Max 4000 characters
  • Full description of the app, its features and benefits


App logo

  • 1024 x 1024, PNG format

Splash screen

  • Opening screen of the app
  • Size 1000 x 1500
  • Keep the essentials in the center because the mobile screens might cut from left & right
  • PNG format

6 app screenshots in different sizes, for different devices (see sizes & examples below)

  • From selected promotional screens

Promotional text under each screen

  • Related to each screen in question

Top banner

  • Will appear on top of each screen

Push notification icon

  • Android only, SVG format, simple image that works in small size, app logo if possible

Other information


  • To boost App Store & Google Play search engines

Main categories

Contact email

  • Often a generic email address that doesn't change
  • Visible in App Store

Marketing URL

  • Website URL for marketing purposes
  • Visible in App Store

Support URL

  • Visible in App Store

Privacy & terms URLs

  • Visible in app

Country limitations

  • Is the app global or visible in selected countries

Sizes for App Screenshots

The images need to be JPEG or 24-bit PNG format without transparency. We recommend using 9:16 images but 16:9 landscape will do as well.

Here’s what sizes we recommend to have:

  • Phone sizes:
    • 6 screenshots in 1242 x 2688
    • 6 screenshots in 1242 x 2208
  • Tablet size:
    • 6 screenshots in 3072 x 4098
  • Wide Features image for Google Play:
    • 1 image in 3072 x 1500
  • TV Banner for Google Play:
    • 1 banner in 3840 x 2160
  • Format:
    • All JPG

Other images

    • App Logo:
      • 1024 x 1024
      • PNG format
  • Splash Screen:
    • 1000 x 1500
    • PNG format

Examples of screenshots and other images

Note: for each phone and tablet size you need 6 different screenshots of your app.

Phone 1242 x 2688

Phone 1242 x 2208


Phone 1242 x 2208



Tablet 2048 x 2732

Splash screen 1000 x 1500

Logo 1024 x 1024


1024 x 500

TV Banner
1280 x 720


When all of this is done, and your app is ready, it's time to put your app to the publishing queues!

On average, it takes about a week for Apple and Google to approve your app – unless it's disapproved which happens sometimes.

In those cases, we'll get feedback from the stores, and then it's time to fix the app and submit it again for approval.

Remember, if you have trouble creating the promotional images or anything else, contact Choicely for help so we can get your app out to the world!