How to view and manage your submissions

Learn how to manage and rate applicant submissions in the casting tool

You can view, manage and rate the entries once you start getting responses to your survey. 

Once the survey is live, you can see how many submissions it has received from the main Survey tab. 

Click on the name of your survey to start viewing the applicants.

How to view your submissions

After clicking on your survey from the list, click the Answers tab to view personal details of each applicant. 

The applicants will be presented in a list view within the main window.

You can change the style of the list view by using the icons underneath:

This view will display the applicants in a standard list format with a small thumbnail image

This view will display the applicants in a tile format with large images than can be previewed without having to click to view each applicants details. 


Click on an applicant entry to view more details from either view.

You’ll see the information the applicant provided, including media like photos and videos.

This view has a number of features to help you organize applicants into a shortlist for further consideration and contact.

Use this to make notes against the submission. 

These will only be seen by other users of the casting tool. They will not be seen by applicants.

It’s a useful way to pass information between teams, or to keep track of any important details for that particular submission. 

You can rate each submission and then filter the list to show the top rated applicants.

Using this method, you can quickly create a shortlist of your favorite submissions.