How to search, filter and find applicants

These tools will help you find submissions, find specific information and build a shortlist on applicants

A large list of submissions can be a daunting amount of information to process. 

The tool has some features that will help you focus on specific information and build a shortlist based on that. 

The search box will display any results that include any names, words or phrases you type into it. 

You can also search by activating the filter view. This is a convenient way of filtering results based on specific questions. 

Click the plus sign next to the search box to reveal the filter view 

This will reveal the filter view:

You can now use the dropdown to focus on responses to a particular question. The exact options in your dropdown will be dependent on the questions you have asked when setting up your survey:

In the example above, the editor has chosen to only view applicants that have rated themselves 90 or higher.