How to publish a casting survey

Publish your casting survey by using an embed link

Once you’ve finished your casting survey, it can be deployed to the public by embedding it on your website or mobile apps. You can also add some custom messaging and options for users when they complete the survey.


1. Choose the survey

Go to “Surveys”. Select the survey you want to embed. 


2. View the embed code

Click on the three dot icon on the far right of the survey row.
This will open up options to edit, embed or delete the survey. Select embed.


3. Finalize and publish

The embed view will open up new options. This is where we finalize our survey

  • Widget link: Copy and paste the link in your browser to view the survey before it’s published
  • Access: use the drop down to determine if the survey should be open to all, or just selected users
  • Title: Make sure the survey  has a relevant title
  • Custom message: A customized message that will show to users after they submit
  • Size and background: You can determine a fixed size or choose for the form to be responsive. If you are unsure, choose “responsive” this will adjust the layout for the user depending on their screen size
  • Embed code: Copy this code and paste it onto your website. The survey will appear and it is ready to accept responses

Any changes you make within the editor will reflect instantly at the embed URL.