Create a rating

Make a rating to let users assess contestants or other options. You can have either one scale, or many where the options are rated by categories.


The main steps are

  1. Create a rating
  2. Add choices
  3. Finalize rating settings and launch

1. Create a rating

First define the basic information: the name of the rating, introduction, and start and end dates of the rating. You can also use a cover video to introduce the options.

2. Add choices
On the bottom of the screen you can add choices, for who to rate.

3. Finalize settings and launch

On the right hand side you can adjust the settings of the rating.

You can also add the choices with a CSV import here.

You can also change the rating to an advanced version, where the options aren’t just rated overall but by different qualities. You can also adjust the weight of each quality. Maybe the sweetness is more important than acidity of the lemonade in the overall results?

Save draft and publish when you’re ready!


You're ready!

Publish your rating in your app. You can also share it as a web embed. Here's how to embed a rating, vote or any Choicely contest.


Looking for information on specific settings?