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Create a vote

A good, fun-loving voting generates excitement among your community when people can decide who's the winner of your competition.

The main steps are

  1. Create a voting
  2. Add choices
  3. Finalize vote setting and launch


1. Create a Voting

First define the basic information: the name of the contest, introduction, and start and end dates of the voting. You can also use a cover video to introduce the voting.


2. Add choices

On the bottom of the screen you can add choices, for who to vote.

This is also possible to do by importing a Csv file from the right side of the screen.

3. Finalize vote settings and launch

On the right hand side you can adjust the settings of the vote. Save draft and publish when you’re ready!

The vote is complete!

Now you can start promoting it. You can also embed your vote to your website to collect more votes that way!


Looking for information on specific settings?