Rating settings

Learn the settings of Choicely ratings


  • Simple rating
    • Users can give 1-5 stars per item
  • Advanced rating
    • You can define different qualities for the users to rate (eg. when rating food, the qualities could be flavor, texture and appearance)
  • Tags
    • You can define and add tags for sorting and organizing your contests
  • Import
    • You can import a list of contestants or items to rate from a csv file
  • Show results
    • How do you want to publish the result of the rating? The options are:
      • After vote: The current result is shown to the user after they have rated
      • All the time: The current results are shown all the time, even whilst the rating is ongoing
      • Hidden: The result isn’t shown. You’ll announce the results in another way.
      • After contest: The winner shows in your app after the End date and time that you have defined is reached
  • Results – Show all
    • When showing results, how many contestants or rated items do you want to show?
      • If you only want to show the Top 3, insert “3”.
    • If you want to show all contestants and results, choose “Unlimited”


To get access to these features, you need to have a premium account. To get one, book a meeting with our sales.

  • Identification
    • Once enabled, rating requires a login to your app
  • Paid votes
    • Set the amount of paid ratings to unlimited
  • Country
    • Global contest or not?
    • You can choose “global” when you expect to get ratings across the world
    • When the “global” setting is deselected, you can choose which country the rate is limited to
  • IP restriction
    • Set this on if you want to restrict rates from the same IP address
    • You can separately define how many rates from the same IP you allow