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Create articles

Let’s learn to make articles with Choicely.

This involves 3 steps:

  1. Get started
  2. Choose the building blocks
  3. Add content and finalize your article

1. Get started

Go to Articles on the left side menu.

Click “Create article” on the top right. You’ll see a view like this:


On the top left, you can choose to use a ready-made article template, and build on top of it. This is very handy if you’ve already created an article, and want other articles to look the same.

You can also start from scratch.

2. Choose the building blocks

  • On the top left of the screen, add an image and a title for the article.

Then choose the building blocks of your article and drag those into the middle part of the screen.

Switch to “Thumbnail” on the left, and you can create the thumbnail of the article – it shows in the content feeds.


3. Add content and finalize your article

On the right side you can edit the content inside the blocks you’ve added.

Note also the “Styles” tab on the top right.

  • Finalize all elements you’ve added into the article and the thumbnail.
  • Save the article (green button)
  • Save it as template if you want to reuse the same format later (blue button)


Your article is ready!

Next you can learn to make article templates and organize your articles into content feeds.


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